PhytoTech Africa is a project of Biotrade Ventures. It has a commercial focus with development goals, including a commitment to biodiversity conservation and local economic development. It is developing new technologies, products, markets and strategies for the indigenous natural products sector.

PhytoTech has assembled an expert team to implement its strong business, technology, environmental and investment projects. It aims at commercial success through strategic investments where it sees opportunities in biotrade value chains.

Phytotech is well connected with technology companies, universities, laboratories, contract manufacturers, industry associations and other biotrade companies; and has a pipeline of more than 30 products and multiple market opportunities.

Its first initiative is underway, featuring pilot-scale R&D with a highly efficient technology that is new to the biotrade sector.

PhytoTech is introducing innovative and transformative business models, securing a stake in value-adding businesses for supply partners including primary producers and traditional knowledge holders.

We aim to partner and collaborate with funders, investors, commercial enterprises, communities, government agencies and other public and private initiatives.

PhytoTech will consistently meet regulatory requirements for local and export markets.